Text Like A Gentleman

The cellphone has become a vital tool in our every day lives. 10 years ago it didn’t used to be like this. We used to go about our lives happily without using any of these apps and widgets that we see in phones today.

Now, it is essential to our style, communication, and daily tasks.

Here are our tips on texting etiquette.

Number one, never break up with someone through text. Don’t be that douchebag.

Number two, never text in front of someone while he or she is talking. For obvious reasons. It’s rude, dude.

Number three, if somebody texts you a message, text them back. Preferably, just right after. Don’t call, it’ll probably disturb them. Unless of course, the text says, “Please call me.” If somebody texts you, they obviously just want to text. If somebody wants to talk to you, they would’ve called.

Number four, limit your use of the LOL and the hahahaha unless you’re really laughing. You should be honest with your feelings. Don’t fake laughter. That is not gentlemanly.

Number five is all about response time. You have at least 2 minutes to reply. Try not to ignore a text, especially if it’s someone important. It’s not like an email that you can ignore. Something about emails makes it okay to reply late.

Number six, don’t text in all caps. It makes you sound like you’re angry.