Speak Like A Gentleman

You can look like a gentleman, and you can act like a gentleman, but if you open your mouth and say something that is the opposite of gentlemanly, then you are not a gentleman.

This page will attempt to teach you to speak like a gentleman.


The first is saying “please.” This is a simple act that says that you are respectful and that you are knowledgeable of basic manners.

The second is saying “thank you.” It’s a fundamental lesson that you really should have learned when you were in kindergarten, and yet a lot of people still forego this behavior. It can definitely take you a long way in life. If somebody does something for you, always speak these words.

The third is to forget about profanity. At least not on a regular basis. Cursing a little too much will make you seem less intelligent, and less of a gentleman than cursing too much. You don’t need to curse to be funny. In fact, you can be even more funny when you don’t use profanity.

When you curse constantly. Whether that’s speaking or in social media, it just makes you less of a person. A gentleman never talks down on someone. That is an absolute rule.